Urbanization #6 - Urbanization- Lecture #6 (Feb 10/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #6 (Feb 10/10) - Midterm on Wednesday, second assignment will be posted within days (will probably have 2 tutorials) - Urban Land Use Patterns o Urban environment is changing continuously (e.g. residential to commercial) o Variety of scales Individual households Large scale infrastructure projects o Environment changes through market forces or government planning o Morphogenesis: analysis of the town plan Work of M. Conzen argued land could be divided into 3 elements: Street layout (most resistant to change) Building form (slow to change) e.g. modifications may be for use function, occurring slowly as capital slowly increased e.g. residential areas into industrial/commercial or vice-versa Land Use (changes most often) e.g. easiest to change and land can be zoned for different uses character of the urban area can be changed through land use o Human Ecology Model: ecological theories applied to land use such as: Competition for space
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Urbanization #6 - Urbanization- Lecture #6 (Feb 10/10) -...

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