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Urbanization #8 - Urbanization Lecture 8(Mar 3/10 Urban...

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Urbanization- Lecture # 8 (Mar 3/10) - Urban Sprawl o Defined simply as “low density” (don’t get high concentration of people) development that is beyond the edge of urban services and employment use to be called “bedroom community” o Synonymous with all that is bad about how residential and commercial development o In the suburbs the first thing you see is a garage because our community built around the car - Edge Cities o Joel Garreau (1991) in Edge City: Life on the New Frontier o Concentrated residential/employment developments in the suburbs o Key components: Office space Retail development (usually ‘big box’) Residential o Good example would be Markham b/c high end/high tech employment activity but not downtown - What Is Housing? o Basic Need of human existence Shelter, protection, sleep etc o Household’s single largest expenditure o Allows separation from public/private lives o Differentiate b/w public vs. private housing o PRICING MECHANISM (conveyance)
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  • Fall '09
  • St.GeorgeCampus
  • Suburb, Semi-detached, Single-family detached home, edge city, housing submarkets, housing market caries

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