Urbanization #9 - Urbanization- Lecture #9 (Mar 10/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #9 (Mar 10/10) - City as a social place - EthniCities and EthnoBuurbs o EthniCities Captures ethnic diversity of many north American cities Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver-“mosaics of ethnic neighbourhoods o EthnoBurbs The shift in the “typical” geography of immigration to urban areas - Percent Never Married o Typically, place in the downtown core has more - Percent of Families with Over 3 Children o Higher in the suburbs o Downtown core’s hard to find even 3 bed rooms condos (not geared towards families) - Modeling the City as a Social Space o Social Area Analysis (Shevsky and Bell) Premise is that city reflects complexity of modern society o Three forces Social rank or Economic status (every time we use the notion of class we need to have a clear idea of what we mean by that) Urbanization or Family status (big families will live in the suburbs) Segregation or Ethnic status Shevsky and Bell made social maps of cities from the 3 factors above
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Urbanization #9 - Urbanization- Lecture #9 (Mar 10/10) -...

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