Urbanization #12 - Urbanization- Lecture #12 (Mar 24/10) -...

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Urbanization- Lecture #12 (Mar 24/10) - Telling story of the neighbourhood - Contemporary Planning Issues o Tension b/w planners - Addressing Planning Issues o Next City Form ‘New’ models of urban design (attempt to solve issues of interaction b/w people, mobility) C alled New Urbanism or Neo Traditionalism Assosiated with Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk Argues that it is really dealing with the “loss of sense of place” (individuals in communities felt cut off from a particular community) Summed up as seeking a return to “traditional” forms of urban design - Characteristics and Criticisms o Characteristics Sense of place of individual neighbourhoods (e.g. more town houses instead of houses with a 3 door garage) How far from front door is to side walk In big houses sometimes you can’t even see the front door; first thing you see is garage Emphasis on public spaces Park Putting seating in town squares Re-integration of uses, land and social o Criticisms Disconnect b/w theory and execution
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Urbanization #12 - Urbanization- Lecture #12 (Mar 24/10) -...

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