Urbanization #14 - Urbanization Lecture#14(Mar 31/10...

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Urbanization- Lecture #14 (Mar 31/10) - Approaches to Transportation Policy o Supply fix Popularized in the 1950s and 1960s Emphasized new infrastructure provision (especially more laneways on roads) “Down’s Law” Transit systems underfunded (e.g. TTC operating subsidy) much lower in Ontario relative to other metropolitan transportation Federal and Provincial Budgets 2004, 2005 (redirect the portion of tax on gas and redirect it towards infrastructure supplies) Also looks at transit affordability/efficiency Fares should be low enough for all Availability of sufficient numbers of vehicles Routes to reflect demand Multi-model one-ticket systems o Transportation Systems Management Growth occurred in 1970s Seeks to increase carrying capacity of existing traffic routes Approaches are: Easy to implement Fairly low cost Involve minor physical change in network Information technology Things like managing overall the # of buses, and distances, and certain routes,
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Urbanization #14 - Urbanization Lecture#14(Mar 31/10...

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