RLG 100Y1 Lecture #2

RLG 100Y1 Lecture #2 - o E.g Christopher Columbus found the...

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RLG 100Y1- Sept 15/10 - People of different religions eat, and dress differently - Religion is everywhere around us - Religion dictates how and when people wake up, what they eat/drink, how they love o Religion represents the access by how we structure our lives - Questions we will be looking at: o What is religion? o What are the characteristics of religions? o What is the purpose of religion - Religion is a way of thinking that differs from what we encounter in our everyday lives - It’s hard to find history about religion that doesn’t involve the Christian belief - 14 th century the Catholic church sent out missionaries to learn about and write about other religions o To bring Christianity to other people in the world o Jesuits put in great effort to learn the language and structures of other religions - 15 th century Europe’s’ horizons were vastly expanded through voyages and trades
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Unformatted text preview: o E.g. Christopher Columbus found the spices in India o Info gathered were rapidly and widely spread thanks to technology (printing press) o In the early travel logs, other traditions and other people were perceived exotic, interesting, horrific, etc. (very colourful and exaggerated) -17 th , 18 th century Europe was well aware of other religions other than Christianity (brought some early translations of different texts, structures of different religions) -European enlightenment o Punishment should suit the crime o Scholars were more interested to evolve the ways of religion (using science) o General disinterment with Christianity o Satires o Scholars started to think there were other religions that are equivalent/ surpass Christianity...
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