RLG100Y1 Lecture #11 - RLG100Y1- Oct 25/10 - - Around 1/3...

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RLG100Y1- Oct 25/10 - Around 1/3 of the population are Christians - Centered around a figure named Jesus o Around 4 BCE Jesus was born o Baptized at some point (around 30 years old) o No data the birth of Jesus o Middle of 6 th century, Christian reckon time BCE and AD o He grew up in Nasserite o At least 6 other children in the family (get from Gospel of Mark) o Catholic church says the other children are actually his cousins o Jesus’ father died because there was a complete silence of him after the beginning o Learned stone working or carpentry o Around age of 30, he joined a preacher named John the Baptist o John preached the importance of morality, and he did this in the context of the messiah would soon be coming and it was necessary therefore to prepare (morally and ethically) who would deliver the Jews from it’s problem with Rome o Shortly after he started preaching- his own wandering (charismatic figure) o About the age of 33, he went to Jerusalem (eventually executed by being nailed to a cross) o Common execution in Roman times (large #s of Jews have been executed this way)
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #11 - RLG100Y1- Oct 25/10 - - Around 1/3...

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