RLG100Y1 Lecture #14

RLG100Y1 Lecture #14 - RLG100Y1- Nov 3/10 - - Medieval...

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RLG100Y1- Nov 3/10 - Medieval Europe (Christianity) - Monastic Orders o Benedictine Order o Franciscin Order (St. Francis) During illness, he was called y God to repair his church He became a monk and founded the Franciscin Order o A concern that the established church were too wealthy, to power, and too associated with the elites rather than representing the poor of the community o One of the elements that became essential to monastic traditions; the vows of poverty To serve the community Live simply, in poverty Social/community work Trying to be self sufficient in cultivating their own food supplies, etc o The more they attempted to live in early Christianity, the more they attracted the following When you attract a following you attract wealth, patronage, donations of large amount of land Wealth represents support from the community, but it also takes away the “simplicity” they were trying to get back to o Monasteries As a result of their wealth they attract studious people (scholarship and studies), modern European university An escape for people who didn’t want to be engaged in the worldly lifestyle of marriage Attracted all sorts of people; scholars and others To become founded/authorized had to get permission form the
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #14 - RLG100Y1- Nov 3/10 - - Medieval...

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