RLG100Y1 Lecture #23

RLG100Y1 Lecture #23 - January 10th 2010 South Asia Indic*6...

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January 10 th 2010 South Asia Indic ***6 - Anadi; SANSKRIT “Without Beginning”; Universal existence. Has always been here and will continue to do so forever. Always here yet always changing as well. - ~ ”Kala; SANSKRIT “Time”; Since time has always been going on these Asian traditions time is gauged in wave-like patterns. Ascending “evolving” cycle and descending “devolving” cycle. Cycle both spiritual and physical evolution and devolution. “ O ” Hindu/Buddhism(?) sense of time is spherical. When evolution reaches peak it begins to devolve spiritually and physically shedding off the seed of creation which begins the pattern over again. Each of these cycles are divided into four phase “ Yuga ” Age SANSKRIT : 1. At it's most pristine, pure, the universe is uncorrupted. We are in a state of heightened intellect, morality, perfection. World free of famine, disease, war, long life. As we move along the cycle we become more discordant, warlike. ..pushes us into the downward phase of cycle in which 2.“Kali Yuga”; Age of distress. People more greedy, self centred. Environmental degeneration. Gets to a point of utter moral, spiritual, physical degeneration and the universe self-destructs yields to a period of gestation and then starts over again. 3.”
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #23 - January 10th 2010 South Asia Indic*6...

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