RLG100Y1 Lecture #24

RLG100Y1 Lecture #24 - RLG100Y1- Jan 17/11 - - - - Jainism...

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RLG100Y1- Jan 17/11 - Jainism o Sramana (wanderers) - Usually teachers emerge on the downward phase of the cycle before you reach the absolute bottom to help you move back up o These teachers are morally disciplined o Set out guidelines on how to live a morally informed live o Remind us of the core principles of living o These teachers are known by 2 names: KNOW THIS Tirthankara (24 of them as bridge builders) Jina (conquered the self, temptation, distress, the experience of living in the world in a sort of distress state) The latest was a man by the name of Vardhamana Kasyapa or more commonly known as Mahavira (founder of Janism and known as a hero because he was greater than the individual) - Mahavira o 599BCE? Dates in textbook o Concerned about the wellness of other people o Patient with hardship o Developed an indifference to pleasure and pain o Rich in self control, self discipline, and self master o A great hero (one who has conquered the cycle of birth and death) o The stories in Jainism emphasize that he was a character of extraordinary
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #24 - RLG100Y1- Jan 17/11 - - - - Jainism...

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