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RLG100Y1- Jan 24/11 - Symbology of the Svastika o The 3 dots on top of the svastika= 3 jewels of Jainism First the right belief system/faith Second, the right knowledge of how the world works Third, the right conduct Great emphasis Refers to 5 different principles of how we behave, move, interact with the world 5 core principles: o Ahimsa (non-violence) most important of right conduct o Truth o Non-stealing o Sexual restraint o Non-posseiveness o The crescent moon= the aspiration for liberation, knowledge, enlightenment o The dot in the moon= Meditative heart of Jain practice - Jain diet depends on certain things: o Non-violence Shapes Jainism and Jain practice (lay and monastic) Vegetarians because can’t kill humans Even plants you will try to wait for it to fall off itself (lived it’s lifespan) If you do pick, then you take only as much as you need - There are microorganisms that live in the air, that we should avoid to harm those as well
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #25 - RLG100Y1- Jan 24/11 - - - -...

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