RLG100Y1 Lecture #27

RLG100Y1 Lecture #27 - WR January 26th 2011 Buddhism Like...

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WR January 26 th 2011 Buddhism - Like Jainism and Hinduism, emerged from Sramana movement – renunciation of Vedic religion. - Spread to most parts of Asia and in 19 th century to western world. There are different local traditions of Buddhism: South/southeast Asian traditions, Northern Buddhism, Eastern Buddhism. Practices are diverse throughout Asian world. What is Buddhism: - Centred around the insights, experiences and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama of the Sakya clan, after enlightenment became known as Buddha ( Awakaned ) or Sakyamuni (Sage of Sakya clan). - Was not the first Buddha, rather was a long line of Buddhas before. Gautama is the great teacher of our age. - Lived 563-453BCE - Most of our information comes from Hagiography (faith biography, written by follower following his death). Said to have been born in aristocratic family. Only child. At time of birth, many sages visited him having seen vision of his birth. After examining his body they pronounce from his markings that he will be very “powerful” one sage foretells that he will be either universal emperor or a world renouncer. His father determined not to have his child renounce life, decides to not allow any suffering to affect his son. That his son not allowed to see suffering, death, sickness. Gautama confined to palace grounds, taught by beautiful, healthy teachers and people. At age 16 or so he marries and has children. He becomes curious as to the rest of the world. Approaches his father and asks to see outside the palace. His father agrees and arranges an outing. The sick, ugly are asked to stay off the streets so that Gautama does not see. This outing is transformative. Gautama encounters 3 experiences:
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #27 - WR January 26th 2011 Buddhism Like...

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