RLG100Y1 Lecture #28 - RLG100Y1- Feb 2/11 Conditioned...

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RLG100Y1- Feb 2/11 Conditioned existence: Life is characterized by 3 major qualities 1)doctrine of imperinance: change all things are constanly chaning 2) idea that the constant movement of change and the phenomena of continuing change is a sorce of anxiety and stress 3)idea that nothing at all is immune to the process of change: change effects us, we are also subject to change in every aspect and this doctrine is therefore meaning that nothing is left behind, no lasting soul ect. Primary doctrinal differencebetween hindu jan and bud We areal a sumtotal of our past but each one of those parts is constantly changing and evolving in different directions and the primary difference between us is that our parts are assembled in a slightly different way. Our personality and individuality is composed of difffernt elements. Pratitya samutpada - Doctrine translated as dependent origination - Intent is to explain continuity in the face of change o Dependent origination: In order for things to change in a particular way, the conditions to support that change simply aren’t there
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #28 - RLG100Y1- Feb 2/11 Conditioned...

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