RLG100Y1 Lecture #30 - February 09th 2011 WR TEST Indic...

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February 09 th 2011 WR TEST Indic worldview Jainism Buddhism Everything after Islam Buddhist Scripture: (Core cannon of Buddhist scripture)Tripitaka; Pali canon – Three Baskets 1. (Teachings)Sutrapitaka – Sutra, Thread on which pearls can be strung 2. Vinayapitaka – Rules for monastic life 3. Abhidharma – Treatises that analyze major teachings and explain teachings in detail. ASOKA, 3 rd century BCE; Royal Patron that expressed desire and gave hi patronage to Buddhism to form the Tripitaka. Was also responsible for sending Buddhist ambassadors to many different lands. Worked well in Sri Lanka. Important for Buddhist history because at some point Buddhism dies out in India but keeps going in Sri Lanka. It is also where the Tripitaka is formed. As a missionary tradition, Buddhism expands to different lands. One place is China. As Buddhism moves into these lands it adopts local beliefs, therefore it differentiates itself from other branches. Buddhism moves into China in the 1 st century. At the time China had indigenous beliefs (Taoism, Confucianism). 3 phases of movement (Buddhism): 1. Buddhism moves into China with merchants and monks 2. With collapse of Northern China at the hands of the Hun in 4 th century and the lack of political regime Buddhism takes hold in Northern China. By the time China
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #30 - February 09th 2011 WR TEST Indic...

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