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RLG100Y1- Feb 14/11 - Sukhavahvyuha Sutra o Amitabha o The period in which we’re living are of trials of difficulty o Prophecy from the Buddha that the world is going to end soon o A age that is difficult to engage in Buddhist practice o We need another power to assist us, which is the Bodhisava Amitabha o Focus yourself with genuine devotion, commitment, faith, and recite Bodhisava Amitabha name consistently (10 full moments) If you have genuine faith, then you can be reborn into the pure land from which it is a much easier basis for practicing Buddhist lifestyle, system of meditation, etc - KNOW FOR TEST - Mappo Age (Japanese) - Chan (Chinese) = Zen (Japanese) - Chingtu (Chinese)= Jodo (Japanese) - Chan and Zen comes from the sanskit word Dhyana (Meditation) o Influenced in its style by the native Chinese of Taoism o A combination of philosophical platform from Buddhist schools coming from India and influenced in various ways of Taoism o Founding figure of Chan Buddhism is a monk by the name of
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #31 - RLG100Y1- Feb 14/11 - - -...

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