RLG100Y1 Lecture #37 - WR March 21st 2011 East Asia East...

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WR March 21 st 2011 East Asia - East Asia is a collection of multiple areas that have shared communication, trade etc. - These areas share in the usage of Chinese characters. This writing system is unique because each character has a meaning rather than a sound. - Worldview: - Contrary to other traditions the east Asian worldview see the world as positive place. They see the body as good and valuable and revere it. This perspective works itself out in concrete ways. There is also a reverence for lineage, ancestry, parents. ..(filial piety). - Tends to be less exclusive about its sense of identity and much more syncretistic (absorbing ideas from elsewhere and evolving an identity that is comfortable with receiving knowledge from other sources) - Task of religion is to produce a cultured, cultivated person. A religious person is a person who is educated, refined and artistic. - Major ethic: Harmony; Cosmic and sphere as well as the societal sphere. - Continuity in ideas passed on from teacher to disciple. Much less concern for coming up with an idea than with forwarding older teachings. - Important to remember: East Asian societies have a Confucian character. Moral, social ethic that focuses on relationships between society and the world at large. - Archeological remains seem to show that ancient Chinese culture revered nature (earth, moon, sky) as sacred and was shamanic in nature. SHAMAN: person with special ability to
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #37 - WR March 21st 2011 East Asia East...

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