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RLG100Y1 Lecture #38 - • Treat other as you would like to...

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RLG100Y1- Mar 23/11 - Prof. didn’t teach everything she wanted so for the next 2 weeks come to class on Friday at 12:00pm - Got to class halfway - Filial Piety o We’re all parents, grandparents o Pass on life, e.g. have kids o Religious commitment, and observation to have kids and hence a much greater significance - Syncretistic - Confucian o Heaven and earth are complementary and works in an orderly way (e.g. seasons follow one to the next and same with the sun and moon) o 3 observations: 5 basic relationships in society (each member of the relationship has particular obligation, duties, and privileges and if each member fulfill their role with sincerity this builds an overall family or society living in harmony) Parent/child Husband/wife Elder sibling/younger sibling Citizen/state One friend/another friend Society has an inherent hierarchy Shu (repriprosity) All actions are reciprocal
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Unformatted text preview: • Treat other as you would like to be treated (“The Golden Rule”) Jen • Most important concept in Confucian belief • Most common translation for this is human heartness • How to actualize one self and become an ideal in one’s conduct and being • Kindness, virtue, a complex of virtues like wisdom, forgiveness, trustworthiness, compassionate, courage • Ideal to become this person (what we are aiming for) in Confucian concept • Of being a true sage with exceptional wisdom Li • Translated into ritual • Conduct yourself in the world at all times in a conscious and ritualized fashion • All action you perform, you perform in the spirit of ritual • Extensive lists of acts that should be performed in every situation • You don’t want to evolve human action to randomness-Shaman -Kung fu tzu/ Confucius-Chou...
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RLG100Y1 Lecture #38 - • Treat other as you would like to...

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