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Final+Preparation+Guide - Terms to Know Annuity Balance...

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Terms to Know Annuity Balance Sheet Beta Bond Indenture Bond Ratings Book Value Capital Asset Pricing Model Capital Budgeting Capital Gains Capital Structure Cash Flow Statement Common Stock Common-Size Accounting Statements Cost of Capital Debt and Equity Diversification Dollar Returns and Percent Returns Efficient Market Hypothesis Goal of Financial Management Income Statement Incremental Cash Flow Internal Rate of Return Liquidity Market Efficiency Market Value Means and Standard Deviations Net Present Value Net Working Capital NYSE and NASDAQ Opportunity Cost Payback Portfolio Preferred Stock Primary Market and Secondary Market Principal-Agent Problem Pro Forma Financial Statements Ratios and Du Pont Identity Real Asset and Financial Asset Risk Premiums Security Market Line Side Effects Stock and Bond Features Sunk Cost Systematic Risk and Unsystematic Risk Treasuries and Munis Yield Curve Yield to Maturity Chapter Sections to Eliminate 1.1,2,3 2.3 3.4,5 5.3,4 6.6 7.2 8.3,5,6 9.5,6,7 10.2,5 11.1,3,8 12.5 Topics Cost of Capital: 1.4,5,6; 6.1,2,3,4,5; 7.1,3; 10.1,3,4,6; 11.2,4,5,6,7; 12.1,2,3,4
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