And this point is important

And this point is important - And this point is important:...

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Unformatted text preview: And this point is important: Celie is not complaining to God. She simply needs to talk to someone someone whom she loves and trusts and someone who she feels loves her. Celie's instinct for survival, however, is more solid than even Celie realizes. She was born into a poor family; her mother was ill much of the time (later, we find out that she was mentally ill as well); there were too many children in the family; and then Celie was victimized by the man who she believed was her father. Celie feels used, and she feels that she is a victim, and she doesn't understand why all this has happened to her. She doesn't complain; she simply wonders why. In fact, so many bad things have happened to Celie that she feels worthless. She has very little self-worth and self- esteem. You should notice that she doesn't even sign her letters to God. Normally, most people take esteem....
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