Besides the theme of chance

Besides the theme of chance - Besides the theme of chance...

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Unformatted text preview: Besides the theme of chance, this set of letters is also infused with Nettie's hopeful, fighting spirit and her joy of learning. Nettie fought against Fonso's advances and escaped; then she fought against Albert's advances and escaped. Now, despite Albert's threats, she continues to write to Celie, and her first message to Celie is: fight! Defying all the odds, Nettie plunges forward, fighting, into life. She plans to do missionary work despite the fact that she's very young and despite the fact that the white men "in charge" at the Missionary Society of New York are discouraging. Nettie believes that, with God, all things are possible. A key phrase in one of these letters to Celie is: "if you believe . . ." Nettie's faith never wavers, and because of that, she grows stronger and stronger....
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