Concerning the second of these themes

Concerning the second of these themes - Concerning the...

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Unformatted text preview: Concerning the second of these themes, you should be aware that Samuel and Nettie (now that Corrine is dead) are good missionaries, but they have no sense of place; they don't belong. They belong neither to the world of the European power structure nor to the traditional world of the black West African. They belong only to God and to one another. In the world of growing avarice and exploitation that is encroaching into the jungle, they are powerless. Samuel is disappointed that the Olinka never recognized them as blood brother and sister. In fact, the Olinka reject Samuel and Nettie, suspicious of their rejection of America's "progress" — motorcars, for example. Had Samuel and Nettie not have gotten married, they both may have ended up feeling completely unappreciated. Samuel's character has the distinction of being the only accepting, loving, and giving unappreciated....
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