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Unformatted text preview: Finally, after years of hearing about, thinking about, and dreaming about the fantastic Shug Avery, Celie is at last going to meet Shug. Walker has classically constructed an "entrance scene" for Shug — that is, novelists and playwrights often like to create intense interest and curiosity about a major character before the reader (or viewer) "sees" that character. We, the readers or the audience, hear about this character from several viewpoints; we see a painting or a picture of the character, and thus we are psychologically "baited," anxiously awaiting this person who obviously plays a major role in other people's lives but who has not, as yet, been on stage. In this case, we are fascinated by this Queen Honeybee, this high-stepping, blues moaning, good looking, sensuous jazz singer who is, to Mr. ________ and to Celie, everything that Celie is not. We looking, sensuous jazz singer who is, to Mr....
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