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Unformatted text preview: For that reason, then, Harpo tries unconsciously to be big — big and strong and powerful — like Sofia. But that too fails; all he gets is fat. He becomes the butt of many jokes and gets such a pot belly that he looks pregnant. Yet, in his case, he is not pregnant with anything positive; he is bloated with confusion and resentment and self-pity. Harpo doesn't realize that he is far luckier than his father. He and Sofia truly love one another — despite their constant fighting. Between Albert and Celie, there is no emotion. Therefore, in a marriage like Harpo and Sofia's, where there is love, there is also room for variation in roles, which is why Harpo and Sofia are able to divide the cooking and the cleaning. In a loveless marriage, such as Albert and Celie have, there is no room for variation. Celie must do what she is told, and Albert does Albert and Celie have, there is no room for variation....
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