Sofia - Sofia of course doesn't break — but Celie has...

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Unformatted text preview: Sofia, of course, doesn't break — but Celie has never been broken either — except in Celie's case, everyone assumes that her will has already been broken, if indeed it ever existed. Celie may act submissively, however, but she has always reacted to beatings, without knowing it, in much the same way that Sofia does. Objectively, one can see that Sofia is "solid." No one suspects, however, that when Celie is beaten, she too is "solid"; she imagines that she is wood and absorbs the violence inflicted on her — but she doesn't break or become bitter. In her own words, she says stoically, "I don't fight . . . but I'm alive." When Harpo attempts to break Sofia's will, he is clearly the bruised loser, and note here how humorously, and yet how all too accurately, he explains that he had a run-in with a mule. Consider Sofia and the theoretical mule. Sofia and a mule are not too different. Both must do fieldwork and Sofia and the theoretical mule....
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