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Unformatted text preview: Sofia is strong, fierce, and daring to a fault. In fact, it is her refusal to lessen or belittle herself that almost leads to her destruction. As a black American woman reared in the South in the 1930s, she rejects completely the systematic oppression that engulfed the position of the black woman. In that system, a black person had to remain absolutely subservient to whites — economically and socially. Blacks worked for whites, who paid them very little. In addition, a black woman came under the rule of her husband. A black woman was a virtual prisoner in the system. White men controlled the state, and black men controlled the black households. Sofia had no chance in such a setting. She simply wasn't suited for it by her very nature. Sofia is younger than Celie, which partially explains why she is unable to accept the confining role laid out by the system for the "meek" black maid and the "dutiful" black wife. Sofia was meant to rule laid out by the system for the "meek" black maid and the "dutiful" black wife....
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