The discovery that Fonso is not her father stuns Celie

The discovery that Fonso is not her father stuns Celie -...

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Unformatted text preview: The discovery that Fonso is not her father stuns Celie. Her sense of the family unit has been negated. She must mourn for her unknown, natural father, killed unjustly, and a mother who was both demented and weak, and Celie must also accept the fact that she was the victim of a sick and abusive stepfather. But, despite everything, Celie is able to state happily, "My children not my sister and brother." Celie was not the victim of incest. Celie is strong enough now to confront Fonso. She has already confronted Albert's authority; now she takes on Fonso. Not only does her decision to do so reveal Celie's new strength, but it also shows that she is a Christian. Celie offers Fonso an opportunity to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Fonso, however, has no apology for Celie; time has not altered his character. In fact, at his advanced age, he has taken a fifteen-year-old wife because Celie's stepmother, May Ellen in Fonso's words...
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