The pain of hearing Shug confirm Celie

The pain of hearing Shug confirm Celie - The pain of...

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Unformatted text preview: The pain of hearing Shug confirm Celie's ugliness, however, isn't as painful to Celie as is the fact that Celie can't tell Shug to come in; she doesn't feel free to offer to take care of Shug. Celie doesn't feel that she has the right to offer help — "It not my house." Celie feels like Mr._______'s slave; she doesn't even feel as though she is permitted to speak unless given permission to do so by Mr. ________. And from what Celie tells God regarding Shugs statement that Celie sure is ugly, we gather that Mr. ________ has already told Shug that Celie is ugly, and that Shug had doubted that Celie really could be as ugly as Mr. ________ said she was. Now that Shug sees Celie, she is ready to agree with Mr. ________: Celie sure is ugly. While Shug recovers at Mr.______'s house, there are several matters that one should consider.While Shug recovers at Mr....
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