These letters are primarily concerned with Celie

These letters are primarily concerned with Celie - These...

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Unformatted text preview: These letters are primarily concerned with Celie's emotional, physical, and geographical isolation and now — because of Shug Avery — these letters focus on Celie's "awakening" from her isolation. This awakening first begins in Harpo's jukejoint. Shug is so grateful that Celie has nursed her back to health that she sings "Miss Celie's Song" to her, and Celie's heart immediately begins to cramp. In other words, Celie's heart begins to come to life again. No one has ever done anything so special for Celie since years ago, when Celie and Nettie were children. Since then, Celie has been isolated from the external world. The word "plantation" (on Harpo's handbills) appears for the first time in the novel; Celie has been living on a plantation all her life and doesn't even know it. Likewise, she has never heard of the diva of the blues, Bessie Smith. There is doesn't even know it....
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