These letters are structured with irony

These letters are structured with irony - These letters are...

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Unformatted text preview: These letters are structured with irony. It is painfully ironic that Sofia leaves prison only to become the one thing that she absolutely refused to become: a white woman's maid. And the irony is compounded by the fact that she must watch over Miss Millie's children and not her own. Prison may have been hard on Sofia, but, ironically, being a "maid" is far harder on her, psychologically. Isolation in prison gave Sofia enough time to reflect on her situation; she has been a victim of both racism and sexism. Her life at present is a kind of non-life. She has looked at the abyss of her future, and like one of Camus' characters, she has seen the absurdity of living, even though she does continue to live. She knows that she and Miss Millie can never have the kind of relationship that two women should have; they can have a relationship based only on differences and protocol the antitheses...
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