Alyosha1 - Leaves message with Smerdyakov for Dmitri to...

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Alyosha Leaves the monastery. Visits his father, goes to see Katerina, meets the boys, and is bitten by Ilusha. Goes to Katerina's house and talks with Madame Hohlakov and Lise. Upstairs, he tries to unite Ivan  and Katerina. Is sent by Katerina to Captain Snegiryov's house with money; learns Ilusha's identity. Returns to Madame Hohlakov's house; finds Katerina in hysterics. Leaves to find Dmitri. Hears from Smerdyakov that Ivan is in a restaurant waiting for Dmitri. Goes to the restaurant, discusses the idea of suffering with Ivan, and hears Ivan recite the poem  "The Grand Inquisitor." Returns to the monastery and listens all night to Father Zossima's last words. Ivan Goes to Madame Hohlakov's house to talk with Katerina. Explains his position and love for Katerina in Alyosha's presence. Leaves to look for Dmitri.
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Unformatted text preview: Leaves message with Smerdyakov for Dmitri to meet him in the restaurant. Calls to Alyosha to join him in the restaurant. Discusses God, immortality, and the idea of innocent suffering; recites his poem "The Grand Inquisitor" to Alyosha. Returns home but cannot sleep before 2 a.m. Dmitri Goes to Samsonov's to borrow money. Is sent by Samsonov to see Lyagavy (Gorstkin). Pawns watch and borrows money from landlady. Travels to neighboring town to find Lyagavy. Finds the priest, who tells him that Lyagavy is some miles out in the country. Walks the miles to find Lyagavy. Arrives at the cabin of a forester. Finds Lyagavy drunk. Sleeps at the cabin in the hope of borrowing money from Lyagavy when he wakes and sobers up...
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Alyosha1 - Leaves message with Smerdyakov for Dmitri to...

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