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Alyosha2 - On the train calls himself a wretch for leaving...

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Alyosha After talking all night, Zossima dies early in the morning; Alyosha remains with the elder's body. At 2 p.m., the body begins to smell; Alyosha is in despair. Rakitin discovers Alyosha and tempts him. Alyosha agrees to go to Grushenka's house. Arrives at Grushenka's and hears of her ex-lover's return. Watches Grushenka leave to join her ex-lover. Returns to the monastery. At the monastery, dreams of the wedding in Cana and also undergoes his mystical experience. Ivan Awakens at 7 a.m. and begins to pack. Tells Fyodor that he will tend to some of his father's business in the neighboring town. At 2 p.m., catches a carriage to take him to the train station. Before leaving, he tells Smerdyakov of  his change in plans. Arrives at the train station. Catches the train.
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Unformatted text preview: On the train, calls himself a wretch for leaving as he did. Dmitri Awakens to find Lyagavy drinking again. Gives up hope and seeks transportation back to town. Arrives in town; takes Grushenka to Samsonov's. Pawns his pistols with Perhotin. Goes to Madame Hohlakov's to borrow money from her. Has his futile talk with Madame Hohlakov and leaves her. Encounters Samsonov's servant, who tells him that Grushenka did not stay at Samsonov's house. Sees Fenya (Grushenka's servant), who pretends not to know where Grushenka is. Rushes to Karamazov's house; sees his father. Tries to leave and is hindered by old Grigory. Strikes the servant aside and returns to Grushenka's house. Redeems pistols, orders food and wine, and heads for Mokroe....
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  • Alyosha, Russian masculine given names, Watches Grushenka leave, house. Redeems pistols, Madame Hohlakov, old Grigory. Strikes

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