As the chapter opens

As the chapter opens - As the chapter opens the D.H.C has resigned because of the scandal and Linda has slipped into a permanent soma-holiday She

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Unformatted text preview: As the chapter opens, the D.H.C. has resigned because of the scandal, and Linda has slipped into a permanent soma-holiday. She is taking ever higher dosages that will eventually lead to her death. Bernard suddenly finds himself popular because all upper-caste London wants to see John the Savage. Bernard boasts to Helmholtz about his sexual conquests and lectures Mustapha Mond in a report — offending both of them. John, meanwhile, experiences a growing disillusionment with this "Brave New World" (as he quotes Shakespeare). He vomits during a tour of a Fordian factory and discovers on his visit to Eton that the library there contains no Shakespeare. He also goes on a date with Lenina to a feely — which he compares unfavorably to Othello . At the end of the date, John disappoints Lenina, dropping her off at her apartment without staying for...
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