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Bernard flies to Propaganda House to meet his friend

Bernard flies to Propaganda House to meet his friend -...

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Unformatted text preview: Bernard flies to Propaganda House to meet his friend, Helmholtz Watson, who writes state propaganda as an Emotional Engineer. Despite his overpowering stature and success with women, Watson, too, feels "all alone," because he has "too much ability." As a result, he senses a kinship with Bernard — the knowledge they share that they are "individuals." Here Huxley offers a contrast of two important and very different characters: Bernard, the Alpha-Plus psychologist; and Lenina, the Beta technician. As an Alpha Plus, at the top of society's strict caste system, Bernard should be enjoying every benefit of his society especially reserved for the elite — including relative freedom. The other Alphas — the D.H.C. and Henry Foster, for example — move through the futuristic world with confidence and gusto. Even the unconventional Mustapha Mond seems happy, in his own way. Bernard, and gusto....
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