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Capriccio a musical composition in various forms

Capriccio a musical composition in various forms -...

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Capriccio  a musical composition in various forms, usually lively and whimsical in spirit. Here, the  term is used in describing the scent organ. carapace  the horny, protective covering over all or part of the back of certain animals, as the upper  shell of a turtle, armadillo, crab, etc. Cardinal Newman  (1801-90) John Henry Newman, English theologian and writer. Charing-T Tower  Huxley's re-creation of a London train station, Charing Cross Station. chary  careful or cautious; not given freely. civet  a yellowish, fatty substance with a musklike scent, secreted by a gland near the genitals of the  civet cat and used in making some perfumes. Here, John quotes Shakespeare's sarcastic use of the  term to mean a sweet scent. Pure civet is foul-smelling. corpus luteum  a mass of yellow tissue formed in the ovary by a ruptured graafian follicle that has 
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Unformatted text preview: discharged its ovum; if the ovum is fertilized, this tissue secretes the hormone progesterone, needed to maintain pregnancy. decanting pouring from one container into another. Here, Huxley's term for birth. demijohn a large bottle of glass or earthenware, with a narrow neck and a wicker casing. detumescence a decrease in swelling. diminuendo a decrease in volume. dolychocephalic having a relatively long head. ectogenesis the growth process of embryonic tissue placed in an artificial environment, as a test tube. Here, the conventional process of birth. Etonians students of Eton College, the most prestigious of British preparatory schools. Falkland Islands a small group of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of South America. Here, the place of Bernard's and Helmholtz's banishment....
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