Frustrated by John

Frustrated by John - Frustrated by John's shyness, Lenina...

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Unformatted text preview: Frustrated by John's shyness, Lenina determines to take the sexual lead with "the Savage." When John addresses her with the formality of Malpais tradition and Shakespearean poetry, the confused Lenina simply undresses and approaches him directly. Horrified by Lenina's sexual freedom, John pushes her away, threatening to kill the "impudent strumpet." Lenina retreats in fear. The chapter ends with a phone call for John with the news that his mother is dying. In this chapter, Lenina determines to approach John for sex directly, rather than continuing to wait for him to take her. In her attempted seduction, Lenina uncovers a disturbingly violent side to John. So far in London, John has appeared quaint, innocent, and — with the exception of his refusal to join Bernard's party — agreeable. Lenina, who is eager for sex with "the Savage" experiences frustration Bernard's party — agreeable....
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