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Grushenka (Agrafena Alexandrovna)  The lady of so-called loose morals who attracts the  attentions and consequent jealousies of Dmitri and Fyodor. Herzenstube  The old town doctor who gives favorable testimony in Dmitri's behalf Madame Hohlakov  The wealthy widow at whose house many of the novel's scenes take place. Lise  Madame Hohlakov's young daughter, who becomes engaged to Alyosha and then capriciously  breaks the engagement. Ilusha  The young boy whose illness brings all of his friends together with Alyosha. Father Losif (Joseph)  The librarian at the monastery. Kalganov (Pyotr Fomitch Kalganov)  A casual friend who is present at Dmitri's party in Mokroe. Katerina (Katya) Ivanovna  Dmitri's fiancee, whom he deserts upon falling in love with Grushenka.
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Unformatted text preview: Ippolit Kirillovitch The public prosecutor who conducts the trial against Dmitri. Kolya (Nikolay Ivanovitch Krassotkin) The young boy who influences the other boys and becomes Alyosha's disciple. Madame Krassotkin (Anna Fyodorovna) Kolya's doting and widowed mother. Lizaveta Smerdyastchaya The town's deformed idiot, who is seduced by Karamazov and then gives birth to Smerdyakov. Lyagavy See Gorstkin. Makarov (Mihail Makarovitch Makarov) The district police inspector who questions Dmitri about the murder. Marfa Ignatyevna Grigory's wife and another of the Karamazov servants. Marya Kondratyevna The daughter of Dmitri's landlady who is in love with Smerdyakov....
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