In Fordian times

In Fordian times - In Fordian times Mond's lecture makes...

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Unformatted text preview: In Fordian times, Mond's lecture makes clear, consumption and the enjoyment of consumption is the primary human activity. The "viviparous" life — the ordinary family — no longer exists, banished by the World State in favor of Conditioning Centres, where decanted children grow up in an environment designed to ensure their loyalty to the social order and (much the same thing) train them to consume appropriately. Here, Mond reminds the students, all their needs are met, all obstacles to happiness removed. Again, in this chapter, Huxley brings forward the theme of choice and pain as essential parts of human life. If all obstacles are removed, as Mond says, if no one feels passion or pain, what kind of human life is possible? At this point in the novel, Mond presents the life of uninterrupted happiness as the ideal. Later (in Chapters 16–17), Huxley reveals another, more complicated side to the World as the ideal....
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