Later that same day

Later that same day - Later that same day, Alyosha comes...

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Unformatted text preview: Later that same day, Alyosha comes upon Ivan in a restaurant, and they continue the conversation about God and immortality that they began at their father's house. Ivan says that he cannot accept a world in which God allows so many innocent people to suffer and Alyosha says that, although Ivan cannot comprehend the logic of God, there is One who can comprehend all: Jesus. Ivan then explains, with his poem "The Grand Inquisitor," that Jesus is neither a ready nor an easy answer-all for his questionings that He placed an intolerable burden on man by giving him total freedom of choice. When Alyosha returns to the monastery, he finds Father Zossima near death. The elder rallies a bit and lives long enough to expound his religious beliefs to his small audience, stressing, above all, a life of simplicity, a life in which every man shall love all people and all things, and shall refrain from...
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