simian of or like an ape or monkey

simian of or like an ape or monkey - a swaying motion Here...

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simian  of or like an ape or monkey. Here, used to describe the Epsilon elevator operator. soma  an intoxicating plant juice referred to in Indian religious writings. Here, Huxley's term for a  powerful calming and hallucinogenic drug without any serious side effects. St. Helena  a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. It was Napoleon's  prison after his defeat by the British. Here, one of the many islands where Mustapha Mond sends  people who challenge the World State. strumpet  a prostitute. surreptitious  secret, stealthy. surrogate  a substitute. thyroxin  the active hormone of the thyroid gland. treble  high-pitched or shrill. turpitude  baseness, vileness, depravity. Here used to refer to John's feelings about Lenina. undulation
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Unformatted text preview: a swaying motion. Here, describing Linda's sexually provocative entrance into the Fertilizing Room. usurp to take or assume by force or without right. viscose a substance used in making rayon thread and fabric. vitrified changed into glass by heat. viviparous bearing or bringing forth living young, as most mammals and some other animals do. voluptuous sexually attractive because of a full, shapely figure. Westminster Abbey Gothic church (originally a Benedictine abbey) where English monarchs are crowned; it is also a burial place for English monarchs, famous statesmen and writers, etc. Here, the site of the Westminster Abbey cabaret, or nightclub. zippicamiknicks Huxley's word for one-piece underwear for women....
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