So far in London

So far in London - So far in London, John has appeared...

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Unformatted text preview: So far in London, John has appeared quaint, innocent, and — with the exception of his refusal to join Bernard's party — agreeable. Lenina, who is eager for sex with "the Savage" experiences frustration but interprets John's indifference as simple shyness, which she can overcome by taking a firm hand with him. The possibility that John's sexual restraint is the expression of his own deeply held values and beliefs never occurs to her. Lenina's frustration recalls the incident in Chapter 3 when a student remembers having to wait a month before a young woman would have sex with him. The emotional intensity was "horrible," just like Lenina's longing, but the passion ended with sexual relief. In taking the sensible Fanny's advice to force the issue with John — and thus get her anti-social feelings over with — Lenina expects the same relief. Conditioned to think of sex as recreational and relationships as fluid and changing, same relief....
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