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The next section is - The next section is"Beside the...

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Unformatted text preview: The next section is "Beside the Railway Line," which opens with white as the focal color, an emphasis on the snowy setting. Beside the railway tracks are a mother, a daughter, and a corpse. Two train guards discuss what should be done with the three; they need to get them back on somehow but aren't sure how. While the guards debate, Death admits that he now knows he made a mistake in lingering because he became so curious about the girl, the book thief. That was the first time he saw her. He describes the second time he sees her in the next section, "The Eclipse." A pilot crashes and Death comes to take his soul from the cockpit. The focal color is black. While Death waits for the pilot to die, a boy comes to the plane and pulls a teddy bear from a toolbox and places it on the pilot's chest. With the boy is the book thief, a few years older, but Death knows it's her.pilot's chest....
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