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ATHLETIC FACILITY CONGESTION INTRODUCTION Recent growth in enrollment and intercollegiate sports at Valparaiso University has caused a shortage in athletic facilities. Purpose of this study is to explore the benefits of extended hours and recommend a schedule to alleviate crowdedness in the Athletic Recreational Center (such as extended hours or 24/7 access). The study will attempt to measure the impact of additional gym hours in terms of student morale and athletic performance. A preliminary stage will develop personal experiences and subjective opinions. The anecdotal evidence will serve as background information gathered from several blogs. Objective research will be completed in a two phase process; the collection of secondary and primary information. Primary information will focus on student and faculty surveys to reveal the effects of sufficient gym space and exercise on performance. Favorability of modifying the facility operating hours will also be discovered through questionnaires. Secondary information will be gathered through any previous research available. This will develop a review on financial costs and feasibility, security and safety issues, length of completion and other matters pertaining to student performance. CONGESTION IN ATHLETIC FACILITIES Although many students take pride in their small college atmosphere, enrollment is increasing to support the full range of division 1 sports. President Heckler embraces an enrollment increase of 30 percent with the strategic plan to back funding, programs, and intercollegiate sports. Although, our athletic center has been sufficient in the past, we can no longer afford to keep the small school mentality. Division I teams are forced to practice in random hallways throughout the athletic center and recreational users are often left with little or no time at all. . Formal Report Writing
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