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LSU Introductory Psychology Learning Requirement Article Option Pomerantz, E. M., & Wang, Q. 2009. The role of parental control in children’s development in western and East Asian countries. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 18 , 285- 289. Name: ________Akshay Raju ______________ Date: ______3/15/2011 ___________ INSTRUCTIONS: This is not a group assignment, all answers should reflect your work as an individual. Answer each question in your own words to the best of your ability. DO NOT simply copy your answers from the article as this is considered plagiarism. Be sure to read each question carefully and to answer them as directly as possible. Each question can be answered in one to four sentences. 1. A.) What is control as it relates to parenting? B.) Describe the 2 types talked about in the article. Simply put control in parenting is how involved and influential a parent is with their offspring. The two main types are psychological and behavioral control. Psychological control is the ability for a parent to regulate what their offspring
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Pomerantz_Wang_2009_Questions (1) - LSU Introductory...

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