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Chapter 28: Protists Classification of the Protists You should know some of the basic characteristics of the following groups from Chapter 28. Domain Eukarya Excavata Euglenozoa Euglenophyta (Euglenids) Kinetoplastida (Kinetiplastids) Chromalveolata Alveolata Dinoflagellata Apicomplexa Ciliophora Stramenopila Phaeophyta (Brown algae) Bacillariophyta (diatoms)
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Unformatted text preview: Arcaeplastida Rhodophyta (Red algae) Chlorophyta (Green algae; chlorophytes) Charophyceae (Green algae; charophyceans) Unikonta Amoebozoa Myxogastrida (plasmodial slime molds) Dictyostelida (cellular slime molds) Gymnamoeba (amoebas) Rhizaria Radiolaria (radiolarians) Foraminifera...
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