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Unformatted text preview: 11-30-11 Notes • Spanning Tree o Forms a tree (no cycle) o Touches every vertex • Minimum spanning tree (MST) • How to find an MST o Prim’s Algorithm o Greedy Algorithm • Steps o Start from any vertex o Add t oT the lowest-weight edge in G that does not create a cycle o Stop when all V touched • Correctness of Prim’s algorithm o Prove by induction on verticies o Base case: 1 vertex o Suppose T is contained in a MST To we choose uv, u€T, v € T o Show that T U (u,v) T’ o By removing (x,y) adding (u,v) we get an MST To’ => w(To’) <= w(To) (w = weight) w(To’) = w(To) - w(x,y) + w(u,v) so, w (u,v) <= w(x,y) so, <=w(To) o To is an MST, To’ is also an MST • Heap o T = {E} A = INF B=3 C=9 D=8 o Add B, T={(B,E)} A=1 C=1 D=6 o Add A,B, T={(B,E),(A,B)} o Add B,C, T = {(B,E),(A,B),(B,C)} o Add C,D, T = {(B,E),(A,B),(B,C),(C,D)} • Prim: o Psudocode – same as code from last class • Takes nlogn+cm ...
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