Day1 - o Squareroot is a monotonic function so you can...

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CSE 241 Jeremy Buhler Bryan 509 935-6132 [email protected] 5 homework - 20% 4.5 labs - 20% 3 exams - 60% Small groups of 3 Class 1 Goals o How to think about computation o Abstractions About organizing data to answer questions fast o Bag of tricks Air Traffic Control Problem o Given a set of 20 points on a plane, which two points are closest? Need to take notes on smartpen o o Let p = [0 … n-1] be an array of points o See CodeExample1
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Unformatted text preview: o Squareroot is a monotonic function so you can remove it to save time • What do you want in an algorithm? o Correctness is good o Correctness should be provable o It should be fast (machine independent) o Problem size dependent Worst case complexity for given input size • Statement counting 1. Figure out loop bounds in terms of the next highest level loop variable # of itnerations = high-low+1 2. Assign loop body # of interations computed in...
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