Day 10-18 - Malloc Package malloc = memory...

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Malloc Package malloc = memory allocation #include <stdlib.h> Void *malloc(size_t size) If successful: o Returns a pointer to a memory block of at least size bytes, (typically) aligned to 8- byte boundary o If size == 0; return NULL If unsuccessful: returns NULL (0) and sets errno Void free(void *p) Returns the block pointed at by p to pool of available memory P must come from a previous call to calloc or realloc Void *realloc(void *p, size_t size) Changes size of block p and returns pointer to new block Contents of new block unchanged up to min of old and new size Assumptions Assumptions made in this lecture o Memory is word addressed (each word can hold a pointer) One Block Is One Word And if Shade d It’s a allocate d word Otherwise it is a free word Allocation examples P1 = malloc(4) Constraints Applications: o Can issue arbitrary sequence of allocation and free requests o Free requests must correspond to an allocated block Allocators o Cant control number or size of allocated blocks
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Day 10-18 - Malloc Package malloc = memory...

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