Day5 - %ecx %ecx + M[%ebx+%esi] o Scale dindexed addressing...

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Day 5 9/15/11 Indirect addressing o Indirect addressing – memory address is stored in register Movl (%ebx), %eax %eax M[%ebx] o It is often called register indirect o Note similarity with base-displacement, with displacement of zero Movl 0x0(%ebx), %eax %eax M[0+%ebx] Indexed addressing o Indexed addressing – memory address is formed by adding two registers (one called “base”, the other called “index”) Addl (%ebx, %esi), %ecx
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Unformatted text preview: %ecx %ecx + M[%ebx+%esi] o Scale dindexed addressing – index register can be scaled by 1, 2, 4, or 8 Movl $0x7f, (ebx, %edi, 2) M[%ebx+2*%edi] 0x7f • Full Form o Full form – literal (direct, base register, index register, scale are allowed Movl 0x50(%ebx, %esi, 4), %eax %eax M[0x50 + %ebx+4*%esi] o Form commonly output by dissasemblers: Addl name(,1), %ecx o...
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