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Political Science Essay # 2 Part A – Question 1 Rapid urbanization is evident and rampant throughout Africa, but Nigeria’s pattern of urbanization is somewhat unique from that of other African nations. In most patterns of urbanization there is typically one or two central urban cities concentrated in trade and politics, for countries with a coastline that urban center is usually located very close to the coastline because of trade opportunities. Nigeria is one of those countries with a coastline and the location of its urban center (Lagos) being close to the coastline holds true. However, Nigeria has multiple urban centers scattered across the country, even in its landlocked regions. The colonial era expanded Nigeria’s limited urban centers and created a few new ones, but it was the oil boom in the 1970s that truly propelled Nigeria’s urbanization to what it is now and still continues to fuel it. In the thirty-year period between 1921 and 1951, before the discovery of the oil industry and its subsequent boom, the urban population went from 7.2% to 10.7%, a 3.5% increase. The urban population accounted for 23.4% of Nigeria’s total population in 1975 when the oil boom began to gain momentum, as of 2004, that percentage was 47.3%, a 23.9% increase in less tan 30 years. The rate of growth in population for urban area is estimated to be 3.6%, while that of rural areas is only estimated at 0.6%. The potential for trade and other business opportunities is one factor that influences an areas’ likelihood of becoming urbanized. Lagos’ location directly on the coastline of Nigeria meant direct access to international trade opportunities. This direct access to trade caused a concentration in wealth and other social services in the region, more incentive for people to migrate there. The oil boom of the 1970s created a number
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of new urban centers located within the proximity of the Niger Delta. The northern
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essay2 - Political Science Essay 2 Part A Question 1 Rapid...

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