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Political Science Newspaper Report 1 – Nigerian Tribune (February 2007) The story of Nigeria's journey to become a contemporary "modern nation-state" is one marked with numerous obstacles, and which began with its colonization by Great Britain in 1914. Prior to colonial rule the geographical concept we now know as Nigeria was non-existent, instead, what existed were numerous individual states that were divided based on ethnic or religious affiliation. British rule united these individual states to form the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. Nigeria gained independence from Great Britain in 1960, but continued to replicate the parliamentary system of government that Great Britain employed. In 1963, Nigeria declared itself a Federal Republic and changed its constitution to create the Presidential position, which at the time held no executive power because Nigeria still retained the parliamentary system of government. In 1966, after a period of grave civil unrest, military coup seized power in Nigeria, declaring it a Federal Military dictatorship. It wasn't until 1979 that civilian rule was finally returned and a new constitution was formulated, modeled after that of the United States, which bestowed executive power in the President. This democratic rule was short- lived because in 1983 military coups once again seized power in Nigeria. A 1993 presidential election promised the return to democratic rule, but the election results were annulled and military dictatorship continued. Finally, in 1995 Nigeria was returned to democratic rule, which is still presently the case. Ethnic and religious differences have been a constant cause for the turmoil in
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nigerianewspaper - Political Science Newspaper Report 1...

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